Katarina Gospic is an M.D., Ph.D. and a M.Sc. in Physiology from the Karolinska Institute. She has more than 10 years of experience in brain research and neuroeconomics. Katarina is an entrepreneur, running her companies Brainbow Labs and Grey Matters. She is a requested lecturer, the author of four books, has her own podcast and is a frequent guest in media.


Katarina Gospic has several years of experience lecturing, both within and outside academia. She has an ability to make difficult things easy to understand and implement abstract research into concrete tips that can be used in everyday life. Katarina’s lectures are easy to acquire regardless of skill level. Below are a few suggestions on what Katarina’s lectures can be about. Usually, a lecture is 1 hour, but of course it is possible to personalize both content and time so it fits your company. All lectures can be given in English.

Popular Topics

The Decisive Brain

We are the result of our decisions; despite this most of us have more knowledge about how our smartphone works than our own brain. Isn’t that strange? In today’s society it is required that we are constantly developing and perform on top. But why is it so difficult to push yourself, face your fears, and dare to take on new challenges? With in-depth knowledge of how the brain works, we can better understand why we react as we do and how we make decisions in everyday life. How do we do to develop and motivate ourselves and our surrounding when familiar routines and habits feel so much more comfortable? Katarina Gospic reveal the secrets of the brain’s decision-making and gives advice on how you can make decisions that lead you towards your goals!

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Work smarter – not more!

We look at our smartphone approximately one hundred and fifty times a day, that equals more than a thousand times per week! One study showed that we are interrupted every eleventh minute and that it takes approximately twenty-five minutes to regain the same focus as before we were interrupted. Sitting in an open plan office can reduce performance by up to sixty-six percent because of all the noise and distractions. Those sitting in great open plan offices also feel poorer and have higher sickness absence than those who have their own room. The way we work today is a disaster. We are constantly connected, most of us multitask and think it is a good idea and few people seem able to concentrate for more than a minute. From a brain perspective, the above methods and work environments are devastating.

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Personal branding seen from a brain perspective

Business is about creating good social relationships. If we want to boost performance and stay ahead, we need to know how to sell ourselves. According to pop culture personal branding was coined in 1997 – but the fact is that it has existed as long as humans have socialized. During this lecture, Katarina Gospic, talks about what happens in the brain when we interact with others and how we can boost our personal brand by applying neuroscientific principles.

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Katarina has written several books. For details and orders please click the following links.



Consulting involves everything from tailor made leadership counseling programs reaching over a fiscal year to being an expert on how to work smart. See examples below.

Tailor made one-to-one leadership counseling program


Providing my brain expertise as a consultant

For telecom company Telenor – together we created the concept workfulness which describes how people can have a healthy relationship to the digital world in a working environment.